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Decreasing Attrition Rate by Prioritizing Health

Prioritizing Health: One of the Proven Ways to Decrease Attrition Rate

High attrition is the bane of office productivity. Attrition might be normal. But seeing trained and tenured people leave means there’s something seriously wrong in the office. Experts suggest that one of the common reasons employees leave is health-related. High risk of work-related injuries, overwork, and lack of a decent healthcare benefits contribute to low employee morale, pushing them to leave. This is the reason company owners need to include healthcare when looking for a business services provider in Inglewood, California.

  • Why Health Matters
    Prioritizing your employees’ health is a company owner’s obligation. Aside from doing this for the workers themselves, there’s also the looming risk of business owners to spend on hospitalization subsidies if workers get sick due to work-related accidents. Plus, employees might also feel compelled to report to work even when they’re sick, affecting other people. Stringent deadlines and workloads can also contribute to stress These are the reasons to contact a healthcare staffing agency in California to hire a medical professional for your office clinic.
  • On Morale and Attrition Rates
    Yes, it might be natural for people to leave in search of better opportunities. But if the attrition is due to a lack of healthcare benefits, it’s something the management needs to look into. Nothing else could uplift the mood and morale of the team than the fact that their health is secured. Availing of janitorial services in Inglewood to keep the office tidy and clean is a good start. Then, make sure you have a first aid kit. And hire a nurse or healthcare provider to report to the office regularly. With these initiatives, you can make employees feel that they’re important and keep them for a long time.

Do you need help with this healthcare initiative? If yes, you might like to contact Ideal Business Circuit to avail of relevant business support, such as janitorial services and healthcare staffing solutions.

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